How is toner used?

Smiley_ThinkingLaser printer uses toner cartridge to print, and toner is the chemical stuff showing on the page as words, pictures, shades. Every toner cartridge can print certain pages, it is called page yield. Different cartridges have wide range difference on the yields, from 1000 pages to 30000 pages, even more. Normally, for each type of toner cartridge, the manufacturer will specify its printing page yield. When you start to use the cartridge, most of time, you will find less number of pages the cartridge could print than the manufacturer declared. Let’s see where the toner goes.

Besides toner powder, there are more parts inside a toner cartridge, such as photoconductor (normally called drum), cleaning blade, developer blade, magnetic roller, etc. During printing, we know, toner will be use to print, but it is also used as lubricant for other parts, although only small amount is required.

Some print style will use more toner than the other. For example,
• Frequently start and stop printing, every time the parts turning inside the cartridge, some toner will be consumed.
• Duplex printing, when turning around, the paper will run beneath the cartridge, cause some loss inside of the cartridge,
• Higher print darkness setting, this scoops more toner out of the cartridge.

Something else may cause parts worn faster than the other. For example,
• Low coverage printing, uses less toner but wears other parts of the cartridge
• Special printing media, might cost on parts
• High humidity condition, spit out more toner onto paper

When you print, not only the paper steals your toner, but the cartridge parts, too. Now, forget about the page yield, and keep printing, happy printing.