How is ink used?

Smiley QuestionWhen the inkjet printer runs, you might wonder if all the ink is spit onto papers. Most ink will be used for printing. The printing mode, which could be chosen for different print quality, will affect ink usage. Generally, higher quality prints consume more ink.

Besides printing, some ink will be used to maintain the print head; some ink will be left inside cartridge as residual; and small amount of ink will evaporate during the life span of the cartridge.

When printer starts, it uses some ink for initialization. To get ready for printing, some ink will be used to prepare and maintain the print head for best printing quality.

Some ink is used to cleaning the print head and to prevent it from being clogged. If the printer is used often, it will take less ink to service the print head. Normally, longer period between printing jobs will need more ink to prepare the print head.

Now, you know ink is used in a number of ways throughout the printing process, from preparing the printer to the actual printing. Please choose the appropriate printing mode and use the ink effectively. Happy printing!