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Light Print
The laser printer is printing the paper with barely seen text on it, why is the print pale? There are several potential causes of the light/faded printing, and there are some simple solutions: Printer is set to “Toner Save Mode” or “EconoMode”. Turn off the toner saving function or reset the printer to normal print […]

Light Prints and Faded Prints from Laser Printer

When printing, it could take minutes to see the page jumped out of the printer. Why did it take so long to print? There are several factors affect the time it takes to print a job: The media used to print. If you use special paper to print, such as transparencies, heavy paper, and custom-size […]

Why does it take so much time to print?

Here are some simple steps to help you to solve a problem of the printer. At the step where it fails, you would know the scope of the problem, and could focus on the part to find the right solution. For example, if the printer fails at Step 3, you need to check what the […]

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