General information on printer cartridge.

Different printers have different settings to help users to save toner. HP offers “EconoMode” setting, Brother and Samsung employ “Toner Save” mode. HP stated, “the EconoMode setting uses up to 50% less toner than standard mode printing by reducing the dot density.” SAMSUNG advertised: “Through toner save mode, the toner particles deployed from the printer […]

The Good and Not So Good of Toner Save Mode

As we talk about the printer, we use print resolution to compare the print quality. DPI means “Dots Per Inch”. It refers to number of dots the printer can print per inch. It is used to define the print resolution, which will affect the print quality. The higher the DPI, the finer the print. If […]

Can it save toner to print with lower DPI?

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When the inkjet printer runs, you might wonder if all the ink is spit onto papers. Most ink will be used for printing. The printing mode, which could be chosen for different print quality, will affect ink usage. Generally, higher quality prints consume more ink. Besides printing, some ink will be used to maintain the […]

How is ink used?

Laser printer uses toner cartridge to print, and toner is the chemical stuff showing on the page as words, pictures, shades. Every toner cartridge can print certain pages, it is called page yield. Different cartridges have wide range difference on the yields, from 1000 pages to 30000 pages, even more. Normally, for each type of […]

How is toner used?

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As the name shows, inkjet printer jets ink out to print onto media, normally paper. Before printing, the file has been translated into dots to make up the image of the file, and then sent to printer. During printing, ink is emitted from nozzles, which are located on print head. The print head move from […]

How does inkjet printer work?

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The laser printer works via the magic of static electricity. When the laser printer receives data (file) to print, first it figures out what it looks like on page as an image, which is composed of millions of tiny dots. Then, laser beam puts the image onto the drum inside the toner cartridge, and this […]

How does laser printer work?